WATCH Resources Art Guild - Ceramics Class - Project Mosaic Mural

WATCH Resources Mosaic Project: A Community Unveiled



The WATCH Resources Art Guild nears completion of its Mosaic Mural Project, featuring exquisite ceramic animal components symbolizing community strength, conservation, and change. As 2024 begins, artisans will assemble these components, starting the creation of this vibrant tapestry in January. A celebration awaits the unveiling, embodying the spirit of unity and collaboration that defines our community. Join us in commemorating this journey, as we share these captivating moments with you, where art becomes a powerful reflection of shared experiences, diversity, and the collective creativity that binds us all.

Mural - Dianne's Studio Mural - Dianne's Studio Mural - Dianne's Studio Mural - Dianne's Studio Mural - Fox

Mural - Fox Mural - Raven Mural - Fox and Coyote Mural - Class Mural - Class 

 Mural - Dianne and Monty Mural - Lisa Mural - Bear Sign Mural - Class Mural - Class Mural - Class

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