Chris Vincelet - Artist Portfolio

Chris finds delight in being artistic and creative.

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Ceramic 12oz Mug White with Black Vinyl Text Handmade I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It by Chris Vincelet WR-1835Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas, 12 x 12 Original Fine Art, Bulldog by Chris Vincelet WR-2050Word Art Water Bottle Water Is Love Blue Translucent with White Vinyl Text by Chris VinceletWord Art Upcycled Plastic Decorative Charger Plates 13in. Orange Vinyl Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice by Chris VinceletWord Art Water Bottle Choose Water Purple Translucent with White Vinyl Text by Chris VinceletHandmade Acrylic Brush Painting on Canvas, 8 x 10 Original Fine Art, Cat made by Chris VinceletWood Signs Cedar Rustic White Black Text Handmade Love Coffee by Chris VinceletAcrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas, 14 x 11 Original Fine Art, Landscape Trees by Chris Vincelet WR-1733Ceramic Arts Handmade Clay Crafts Fresh Fish 6-inch x 4-inch Glazed Turtle by Chris Vincelet WR-1450Beaded Glass Jewelry Set Bracelet, Dangle Earrings, and Necklace with Charms by Chris Vincelet WR-1417Ceramic 12oz Mug Black with White Text Handmade At Least my cat loves me #single by Chris Vincelet WR-1349Ceramic Arts Handmade Clay Crafts Fresh Fish Glazed by Chris Vincelet WR-1191Upcycled Wine Glass with White Vinyl Text Cat Mama Word Art by Chris Vincelet WR-1495Tie-Dye T-Shirt by Chris Vincelet - Fabric Art, size Large, Multi-ColorFabric Art Multi-Color Tie-Dye Canvas Grocery Tote Bag 14 x 14 by Chris Vincelet WR-1404Fabric Art Multi-Color V-neck Tie-Dye T-Shirt size Large by Chris Vincelet WR-1278 Handmade Acrylic Pour Abstract Painting on Canvas, 11 x 14 Original Fine Art, made by Chris Vincelet WR-1288Holiday Halloween Scarecrow Glass Bottle Art with Vinyl by Chris Vincelet WR-1530